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Saving Money with Refurbishments

Sometimes it is more cost effective to carry out a Fuel Tank Refurbishment than to buy a new one. It depends on the age and condition of the tanks, internally and externally. If the tank is in reasonable structural condition, a fuel tank refurbishment can be appropriate and save you considerable amounts of money.

Refurbishing your heating fuel oil tank can be cost-effective for several reasons:

Avoiding the cost of replacing the entire tank: Refurbishing a fuel oil tank involves repairing or replacing specific parts of the tank, such as the lining, pipes, or valves. This is generally less expensive than completely replacing the tank, which can be a costly process.

Extending the life of your tank: Refurbishing your heating fuel oil tank can help extend its life by preventing corrosion and other forms of damage. This means you won’t have to replace your tank as soon, saving you money in the long run.

Increasing the efficiency of your heating system: Over time, heating fuel oil tanks can become less efficient due to build-up and wear and tear. Refurbishing your tank can help remove this build-up and ensure that your heating system operates at peak efficiency. This can reduce your fuel consumption and lower your heating costs.

Preventing leaks and spills: Refurbishing your heating fuel oil tank can help prevent leaks and spills, which can be expensive to clean up and can also pose a risk to the environment. By refurbishing your tank, you can ensure that it is in good condition and less likely to leak or spill.

Overall, refurbishing your heating fuel oil tank can be a cost-effective way to maintain your heating system and ensure that it operates efficiently and safely. It can help you avoid the cost of replacing your tank, extend its life, increase efficiency, and prevent leaks and spills.

Why Choose Britteco?

Minimum Disruption to your Commercial Operations
We can Refurbish Tanks On or Off Site
Refurbishments on any Tank Size
Convenience and Price Competitiveness

Britteco are Fully Flexible.

A refurbishment can be as simple as removing the rust, giving it rust protection, a fresh coat of prime and a final coat to suit your requirements. Or it can require a more detailed overhaul including ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing to ensure safety, internal cleaning and then painting to customer specifications.

Our refurbishment processes are always designed to ensure minimum disruption to your commercial operations whilst allowing us the time and space to carry out the refurbishment to the highest safety and technical standards.

We can either refurbish your tank on your site, or undertake the process on our site. This depends on the size, the location and access, the amount of work required and the time of year. This obviously means planning for short term weather forecasts to ensure proper paint drying time.

Minimizing Commercial Disruption.

The decision as to whether refurbishment works should be conducted on premises or at our site also depends on the disruption that it might cause to your business.

We’ve undertaken fuel tank refurbishments on tanks for all sizes from relatively small to large commercial scale installations. During the initial analysis process we make sure the quote meets your needs for minimum downtime, maximum and convenience and price competitiveness.

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