Removal of 3 Fuel Tanks

We were asked to remove 4 tanks in total from a farm which were raised on a mesa mine floor, 3 of the tanks contained red diesel and the 4th tank contained molasses.

We extracted the red diesel from the first 3 tanks and decommissioned them and cut them up with cold cutting method and left ready for disposal.

The Molasses tank was a bit different, we had to pump in 4000L of water to mix the molasses as this had gone partially solid, we then pumped out over 8000L of water and molasses mix.

The site was left clean and tidy and customer more than happy.

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Oil Tank Removal

About the Service

Removing Oil Fuel Tanks

If your oil tank is installed in an easy-to-access location, we can often remove it in one piece via excavation and crane removal. If your oil tank is installed in a difficult to access location, or if you’ve subsequently built on top of the oil tank, our team may need to remove the oil tank in pieces.
For safety, we’ll cut your tank using Cold Cutting and spark-free tools.

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