Removal of large tank from a warehouse

The client had approached us, and they were selling a commercial premises an needed a large tank removing from inside the warehouse.

This was a very large project as there were many hazards that needed to be taken into account.

First the tank needed to be emptied of any fuel remnants before any works could commence. Our technicians swiftly carried this out with the use of long hoses multiple hatches which were on the tank.

Once the tank was empty and safe for transit it could be loaded onto a flatbed and taken away. (or so it seemed) due to the height restriction, tight turns and small turning area the drivers did a fantastic job just to get to the tank. Then the loaders could pick up the tank being extra careful not to come close or worse hit one of the roof supports.

1 hour later and the tank is loaded with no problems. Another great show of driving by the loaders. With site left clean and tidy our job was complete.

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Oil Tank Removal

About the Service

Removing Oil Fuel Tanks

If your oil tank is installed in an easy-to-access location, we can often remove it in one piece via excavation and crane removal. If your oil tank is installed in a difficult to access location, or if you’ve subsequently built on top of the oil tank, our team may need to remove the oil tank in pieces.
For safety, we’ll cut your tank using Cold Cutting and spark-free tools.

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