Fuel and Oil Tank Inspections

Fuel and Oil Tanks Require Regular Testing.

Your commercial property’s oil tank is a mission critical part of your business. Keeping your building warm and comfortable during winter means business continuity. So your fuel oil tank needs regular checking. Periodic tank inspections means avoiding downtime and results in more efficient heating systems.

We’re an ISO 9001, OFTEC trained Fuel Oil systems specialist in fuel tank cleaning, removal and other services. Our experienced team carries out thorough inspections of commercial fuel oil tanks to make sure they’re safe and functioning properly.

Fuel and oil tank inspections are of utmost importance in today’s world as they help to prevent accidents, reduce environmental pollution, and increase the lifespan of the equipment. 

One of the primary reasons why fuel and oil tank inspections are essential is to prevent accidents. Tanks that are not inspected regularly can develop leaks or cracks that can lead to dangerous situations. 

A fuel leak can be disastrous, causing fire or explosion that can cause significant damage to property, environment, and human life. For this reason, it is necessary to have these tanks inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition and that they meet safety standards.

Another reason why fuel and oil tank inspections are critical is to reduce environmental pollution. Leaking tanks can cause oil or fuel to seep into the soil or groundwater, which can lead to severe environmental consequences. Leaking tanks can also lead to air pollution and pose a health hazard to people living in the surrounding areas. 

Inspections can detect these problems early, and appropriate measures can be taken to prevent further environmental damage.

Regular inspections can also help to increase the lifespan of fuel and oil tanks. These tanks are often subject to wear and tear, and without proper maintenance, they can deteriorate quickly. Regular inspections can help identify small problems that can be addressed early on, thus preventing more significant issues from developing. In this way, inspections can help to extend the life of fuel and oil tanks, thereby saving money in the long run.

In conclusion, fuel and oil tank inspections are crucial for preventing accidents, reducing environmental pollution, and increasing the lifespan of equipment. Without these inspections, the risks of accidents and environmental damage increase, and the cost of repairs and replacement can skyrocket. It is essential to have regular inspections carried out by qualified professionals to ensure that fuel and oil tanks are safe and meet safety standards. By doing so, we can protect the environment, prevent accidents, and save lives.

Why Choose Britteco?

Identify Issues with your Fuel Tank Before it Becomes Damaged
Extend the Functional Life of your Fuel or Oil Tanks
Reduce the risk of leaks
Prevent Build-up of Microbes and other Damage

Extending the Useful Life of Your Fuel Tank

Like all parts of your heating system, your fuel oil tank can become worn over time, especially if it’s used heavily. Fuel tanks last for up to 10 years, with maintenance an essential part of preventing leaks, microbes and other damage. The useful lifespan of commercial tanks can also vary depending on the tank’s installation location, maintenance and a range of other factors.

Through regular inspections you can identify issues with your fuel tank before they cause damage and get a longer functional life from your fuel tank before it’s replaced or decommissioned.

Regular inspection is also essential to reduce the risk of leaks, which can cause major damage to the environment and often require a costly, intensive response.

fuel polishing

Ultrasonic NDT Testing

While visual and material inspections are the important first step in tank inspections, we also have Non Destructive Ultrasonic Testing capabilities (NDT) and can use this ultrasonic equipment to discover hidden internal defects.

These can be manufacturing-stage flaws found within fuel tanks, within associated pipework at its high stress points, in storage tanks, pressure vessels and more.

Non Destructive Testing of equipment that is mission critical to your business and under constant working stress can help to protect from an unexpected failure costing thousands in lengthy clean-ups, machine downtime or replacement as well as along with knock-on effects further down the line.

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